Guest Toilet

The Challenge

The main bathroom was extended to include the existing separate toilet by removing a wall between the two rooms. So we needed to create a new separate toilet!

The Solution

To create a new separate toilet, we were able to use the hallway to the back porch which wasn’t used. We removed the door and built the wall with a window in it to match the house. We then designed this separate toilet to be used by guests who could now avoid using the main bathroom





weeks Turnaround

Happy Clients

A Clever Remodel

Planning Stage

This took some thinking to make it all work for both the main bathroom and the guest toilet.

Remove Wall

We removed the wall to combine the two rooms. Then we borrowed some unused space for the new guest toilet.

Rebuild and Decorate

Esentially two jobs in one, we loved the challenge.

The Results Were Fantastic

It is always nice working with solid timber floors, they really showcase the bathroom fittings!