Bathroom and Laundry

The Challenge

This was a major alteration in a bathroom. My clients wanted the laundry, a four-sided glass shower, bath, wallhung toilet and a wallhung vanity in the same room!

The Solution

We had to reconfigure the complete space! We straightened walls as they were not true and strengthened them to allow the hanging of the units. There was also a complete plumbling pipeout and also some electrical work required.





Weeks Turnaround

Happy Client

A Very Succesful renovation

Planning Stage

Client consultation to discuss needs and desires

Demo and Strengthen

We often need to go backwards before we can go forward.

Rebuild and decorate

Finishing of with the clients colour scheme.

The Results Were Amazing

This was an enjoyable job for North Shore Bathrooms; we like a challenge and are proud of our ability to work with the client to come up with a great solution to any problem.